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English notice - 2014

IV. Children, Youth and Adult Karate competition

Objectives:                 Preparing the Karatekas for major sport tournaments, invigorating partnership between karate clubs, developing relationships with our friends.

Event date:                8 November 2014                          10:00 am

Venue:                       Sporthall, city of Tököl, H-2316 Tököl, Aradi u. 56.

Organizer:                  „KAKUSEI” Culture Recreation and Sport Association

Chief patron:             Paul Gila, President of Hungarian Goshu-kan Karate Do Alliance, Vice-pesident of JKF Europe

Judging:                     Chief Judge:    Balázs Pudner
Judges             Invited Hungarian judges

Competition:            There will be 2 Shiai with sides of seven meters.
For the first team bouts, then followed by individual kata and kumite matches divided by age ranks.
Results announcement in every hours.

·         09.00 am        Registration, welcoming teams
·         10.00 am        Opening ceremony
·         10.15 am        Teams marching in.
Beginning of the competition:
For the first team kata and kumite matches for girls and boys,
Individual kata and kumite matches for girls and boys, followed by
kata and kumite matches for adults in separate male and female divisions.
Results announcement in every hours.
·         16.00 am        Closing of the competition depending on the participants’ number.

WKF standards are relevant with the following changes:
·         Gum shield, seiken- and foot protector are compulsory (labels and trademark are approved).
·         Female chest protector is compulsory over the age of 14.
·         Body protector, head protector is not mandatory.
·         Shin pads and groin guards are not mandatory.
·         Competitors are asked to bring red and blue belt.

Flags will be used for scoring.
·         10-9 kyu tokui kata. Repetition of kata is permitted.
·         From 8 kyu must be performed minimum 2 different kata changing in each round.
In the Finals repetition is permitted.
·         From 7 kyu contestants must perform different kata in each round, repetition is not permitted.
Repetition is permitted only in the Finals. (Repechage, 2 third places)

·         At the age of 6-7 duration of Kumite bout is 1 minute.
·         At the age of 8-13 duration of Kumite bout is 1, 5 minutes.
·         From 14 years old the duration of Kumite is 2 minutes.
(Duration of bout is defined in clear bout time. Repechage, 2 third places).

Age ranks, categories:
6-7 years old, 8-9 years old, 10-11 years old, 12-13 years old, 14-15 years old, 16-17 years old, 18-20 years old boys and girls.
20 years old and over, adult category divided in male and female groups, subdivided by age ranks and further divided into belt category (10-8 kyu, 7-5 kyu, 4-1 kyu, 1-4 dan).

Regarding kumite bouts categories are established by dividing belt category and further divided into weight divisions, as well.
If any division has fewer than 4, individuals or teams will be combined.
Fewer than 4 competitors there will be round matches.

Data requested:
·         Birth date (valid at the time of competition, (year, month, day)
·         Belt degree
·         Weight

If qualifying up to higher category competing in his/her own age group is not allowed.

(If any division has fewer than 4, individuals or teams will be combined. Over 16 candidates individuals and teams will be divided.)

Kata teams are waited for the event. If possible from the same age rank (+- 1-2 year difference), combining girls and boys is accepted.

Team kata: 
·         Up to 14 years old bunkai is not needed.
·         Over 14 years old bunkai is a must.
Candidates can be combined from different clubs. In this case which club will be presented by the competitors depends on the teams.

Team kumite: Depending on the candidates’ number! (Needed minimum 3 teams from the same age rank).
Registration:                          You are asked to registering by e-mail, please. Registration on the spot will not be accepted.
E-mail adress:                                    karateiskola@gmail.com
Postal adress:                         H-2316 Tököl, Akácos Str. 41. Hungary

Registration fee:
Individual:                   10 EUR/person/single event (kata or kumite)
13 EUR/person/both event  (kata and kumite)
Team:                         5 EUR/team/single event

Registration fee can be paid on the spot by cash until 9:30 am. or by remittance via bank transfer to the account of 10401983-50526574-87691007. Your registration is needed to be paid in full before the event.

Conditions for registration: 
Valid Budo pass, with valid medical certificate
Registration card is not needed.

Registration deadline:          4th November 2014, 24:00 pm. (Registration after the deadline will not be accepted.)

Draw result could be discovered on the event’s webpage.
Modifying could be done only in serious fault with the presence of the Chief Judge and the organizer.

Information:                          Mária Bruszt

Event webpage:                    http://gojuryu-szigetkupa.blogspot.com 

Prices:                                    I. II. III. Places awarded by medal and diploma (2 third places)
The 3 most expeditious teams awarded by Goju-ryu Sziget Cups

Other fees:                             There is no other fee

Other informations:             Outplacement of any advertisements, flags, labels and trademarks anywhere in the sport hall can be arranged only by the permission of the organizer.

Pictures on the stage can be made with team flags.

Canteen is on the spot.

Official protest:                     The protest can be taken in written form, report submitted immediately after the bout in which the protest was generated. The complainant must deposit a Protest Fee 5.000,- HUF. If the protest is accepted the protest fee will be reimbursed under the rules of WKF.

If I can be of any further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me.

We would be delighted to welcome you!

Kind regards,
Bruszt Mária
„KAKUSEI” Culture Recreation and Sport Association

Tököl, 30th August 2014.

Entry form: download

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